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About Us

About Us

Welcome to K.R.E.S D.Ed College.

The creep of fortune is village. The development of village is development of nation. Under the philosophy of Gandhiji, The person who scarified their life for the development of rural area. Shri. G.M.Deshpande the honour adorned them. By the preachings of Gandhiji, Deshapande with aspiration directly come to Ainapur. He decided to dedicate his whole life in the field of education and gathered the leaders with co-operation.

The K.R.E.Society established and laid foundation in 1919 and started a high school From the Mumbai government, our institution had achieved the recognition in 1924. Deshpande made more effort to earn name and fame of this institution. Later on Pre-University College, Kannada Medium Primary School(Convent) and Govt. Degree College are started with the support of the management committee.

The association of K.R.E.Society had provided all sorts of facilities viz. well equipped building, furnitures, teaching aids, and all other needy essentialist. In this way the laid small plant of K.R.E.Society has been spreading its branches in wider range and It grown huge tree.

In recent days the demand has been increasing to the posts of primary teachers. The management committee has taken this aspect in consideration in 2004-05. They put further steps to establish the D.Ed college with their continuous effort and got NOC - and permission from NCTE-FSRO/NCTE/D.Ed/2004-05/8877, Date-30/11/2021.

Shri.  Dadagouda S Patil

Mgmt. Chairman

Dr. Shri.  M.S.Karchi

Mgmt. Vice Chairman

Shri.  V.S.Karchi

Mgmt. Secretary

Shri.  G.H.Katti

Mgmt. Director

Shri.  Suresh Ganiger

Mgmt. Director

Shri.  Ravi Ganiger

Mgmt. Director

Shri.  Uday Nidagundi

Mgmt. Treasurer

Shri.  R.M.Potadar

Mgmt. Director

Shri.  Ajit Shetti